9 May 2016

This blog won't be updated anymore!

I have started this blog in August 2009, before "The Good Wife" first aired so it seems appropriate to close it the day after the series finale.

I'll continue to post relevant news on my Twitter accounts.The Gallery on Flickr will stay open until March 2017 then I'll decide what to do.



The Good Wife Finale Explanation

3 May 2016

‘The Good Wife’ Exit Interview: Creators Robert and Michelle King Say Goodbye

There was a poignant line in Sunday night’s penultimate episode of The Good Wife, the groundbreaking CBS drama that will end its seven-season run this weekend.
Juliana Margulies’s Alicia Florrick is in a room alone with her husband Peter (Chris Noth), whom she is in the process of divorcing after seven years of standing—sometimes superficially—by him following a high-profile cheating scandal. “Do you remember the last time we were happy?” she asks him.
In a narrative bookend to the very first episode of the series, Peter is facing jail time once again—this time on charges for which his true innocence or guilt, up to this point, has been left tantalizingly ambiguous.
Seven years ago when Alicia stood beside her husband, she was a humiliated woman scorned, a housewife who had given up her career to raise the children of a rising politician who repaid her by being sent to jail amidst a corruption and sex scandal. 
The image of Alicia at Peter’s side during the embarrassing press conference recalled the wives of Eliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, and too many more. The show’s inception was a riff on our nationwide inner monologue: “What was she thinking? Why would she stay?”

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