12 Jun 2015

‘Doctor Faustus’ and Christopher Marlowe Return to New York

Christopher Marlowe’s plays are so rarely staged at New York’s major theaters that this season is a banner one for that Elizabethan tragedian, whose work influenced Shakespeare but has since been spectacularly overshadowed by that of his contemporary. First came a production of “Tamburlaine the Great,” starring the mighty John Douglas Thompson. Now the Classic Stage Company follows up with a new version of “Doctor Faustus,” adapted by David Brindel and Andrei Belgrader and directed by Mr. Belgrader.
Mr. Belgrader’s production of “The Cherry Orchard” was the finest of the company’s Chekhov cycle. Now he will oversee two intriguing actors in the leading roles of this Marlowe tragedy: Chris Noth, ever to be known (sorry) as Mr. Big of “Sex and the City,” plays the title role, the voracious seeker of knowledge who makes that famously unfortunate pact with the forces of the devil. Mephistopheles, as the devil’s advocate is called here, will be played by Zach Grenier. (Opens Thursday and runs through July 12, 136 East 13th Street, East Village; 866-811-4111, classicstage.org.)


9 Jun 2015

Chris Noth meets The Devil in 'Faustus'

Since 2009, Chris Noth has played politician Peter Florrick on the CBS series The Good Wife, When we met Peter in the first season, he was resigning as state's attorney and entering prison, after a scandal involving corruption and prostitution.
The hubris that got Peter into that mess pales in comparison to Noth's latest character, the title part in Doctor Faustus off-Broadway. And unlike Peter -- who will enter Good Wife's seventh season this fall as a governor, with aspirations to a higher office -- the man who signs his soul away to Satan in Christopher Marlowe's early 17th century work has few prospects for rehabilitation or redemption.
"Everything he wanted, we now do," Noth, 60, says of Faustus. "We soar above the earth, we know no bounds. And yet we're still troubled. We've gotten God-like, and we're still not satisfied. It's almost like Marlowe had an eye on the future."
Chatting in the front row of the Classic Stage Company's intimate venue before a recent performance of the show, which opens June 18, Noth says he was drawn to Faustus in part as an opportunity to work with director Andrei Belgrader, who adapted the play with David Bridel.

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14 May 2015

2015 Gersh Upfronts Party

Actor Chris Noth attends the 2015 Gersh Upfronts Party at Asellina at the Gansevoort on May 12, 2015 in New York City.

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