13 October 2012

Chris Noth gets taste of politics on "The Good Wife"

"Chris Noth is running for office - not the actor himself, but as his "The Good Wife" character, Peter Florrick. Florrick is running for governor of Illinois on the CBS drama, and Noth says viewers shouldn't expect to see a problem-free campaign. "They'll see on my part an election that's going to be a lot of ups and downs, kind of like the one that's going on right now," he told CBSNews.com last week. "Politics has a lot of dirty fighting going on in it, which makes it interesting. So there will be a lot of that." "I think we've started off at such a great place," he added. "I feel like it could be our first season. It just feels fresh and new and the people in it are excited and everyone's working very hard."

Article and video here.

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