18 June 2013

Chris Noth on Sex, Porn…and Charity

Chris Noth may always be Mr. Big for a generation of die-hard fans of the HBO series “Sex and the City,” but the 58-year-old actor has long moved on since the series ended in 2004 and its last movie sequel three years ago.

Noth just wrapped up Season 4 of the CBS drama “The Good Wife” with his recurring role as disgraced politician and husband Peter Florrick. And, he will also star in the coming biopic of porn star Linda Lovelace as porn producer Anthony Romano.

But Noth has a new off-camera role he hopes will be just as memorable: a celebrity spokesman for Beaulieu Vineyard’s hunger awareness campaign Give & Give Back.  Noth sat down with Speakeasy to discuss his involvement in the vineyard’s campaign and he dished a bit on his role in “Lovelace”, the prospect of a third SATC movie and why being tethered to his Mr. Big character is an amusing annoyance.

Here is an edited version of our interview.

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