1 August 2013

Chris Noth Didn’t Have to Prepare Much for His Role in Lovelace: “I Was Brought Up on Vintage Porn”

For Amanda Seyfried, playing onetime porn star Linda Lovelace was the most intense experience she’s had working on a movie. “Linda’s real. Enough said,” Seyfried said at a Cinema Society screening of Lovelace on Tuesday. The star of the iconic porn movie Deep Throat was exploited by her abusive husband. “The responsibility of playing someone, and justifying someone’s story, and validating someone’s voice is hard. It’s nerve-wracking, but it’s awesome. I also got lost a little bit,” Seyfried told VF Daily. “It made me feel like a real actor, actually, to be honest with you,” she added, with a nervous laugh. “I sort of felt like I was satisfied in some way that I hadn’t been before.”
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